1)     Lesson and class format: 
·       All piano lessons are private and may be half an hour, 45 minutes or one hour in length. 
·       Theory and history lessons may be private or in a small group. 

2)     Instruments, Books and Other Materials:
·       Students are expected to have an appropriate instrument at home for practice. 
·       Students are expected to purchase the appropriate books and other materials as instructed by the teacher.  ·       Students are expected to bring all necessary books and materials to lessons each week.  

3)     Fees and Methods of Payment:
·       Fees are to be paid at the first lesson of each month for the entire month, unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. 
·       Fees may be paid by cash or cheque. 
·       If fees are not paid on time, the student may be refused lessons until the payment is made.  

4)     Practice and Progress:
·       Regular practice is essential to the progress of each student.  Students should therefore practice regularly, as instructed by the teacher. 
·       Parents should be involved in their children’s practice times as much as possible.  This can involve setting up a regular practice schedule for the child, and listening to them play when possible.  This will help the child to feel that their family is interested in their progress. 

5)     Attendance and Missed Lessons: 
·       Regular attendance at lessons is essential to every student’s progress.
·       There are no refunds for missed lessons. 
·       Students should notify the teacher as soon as possible if they must miss a lesson. 
·       Charges will still apply to all cancelled lessons, however they will be made up at the discretion and availability of the teacher. 
·       There will be no make up lessons for lessons that are missed without notifying the teacher. 
·       All lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made-up at earliest available time.  In the event that a make-up lesson is not provided, the cost of the missed lesson will be deducted from the following month’s fees.   

6)     Holidays:
·       All lessons on major holidays will be cancelled, unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
·       No charges will apply for lessons missed due to religious or statutory holidays.   

7)     Exams, performances, festivals and competitions:
·       The teacher will provide students with the opportunity to write exams and perform in various festivals and competitions if they wish to do so, however they are not mandatory. 
·       All students are expected to consult the teacher before entering any exams, festivals or competitions. 
·       Recitals will be organized by the teacher each year.  Students are encouraged to participate; however participation is not mandatory.